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Welcome to Malayalam Television! We bring you the hottest Kerala taste to your living room every week with a variety of programs. Here unfolds the virtual Kerala with the hottest News, Family Serials, Comedy Shows, Live Show of Stage Programs, Latest Songs and Nostalgic Songs, Film based programs, Tourism, Ayurveda and much more. All streaming via internet with unbelievable quality, clarity and speed with all multimedia capabilities.

Please mail us if your doubts do not match with any of these.

Q1. What do I need to view the video clips?
MalayalamTelevision.net programs are streamed to you over the web using Microsoft Windows Media Player. You need to have WMP installed and configured on your computer before playing the clips.

Q2. Where can I get the WMP?
The WMP is available as a free download directly from Microsoft website. Go to the Download Section to have it right now!

Q3. Why is the Audio or Video Choppy?
This is the result of insufficient buffering. One solution is to this problem is to let the video completely finish streaming to the computer and then play it. You may also need to get the latest version of direct X from Microsoft. Go to the Download Section to have it right now!

Q4. What is an ID card?
An ID card will be provided to all our members where you can get amazing discounts from the sponsors and well wishers network who are spread through out US and India. This includes the service sector, IT companies, Shopping, Hotel/Resort in Kerala etc.

Q5. How do I change my password?
Once you logged into MalayalamTelevision.net, you can see "Change Password" link on the Home Page right below the "Guest book" and "Contact Us" menus. Or click here to directly go to the "Change Password" page. You should first logged into the site for changing your password.

Q5. Oops! I forgot my password. How do I access the site now?
Go to MalayalamTelevision.net Home Page and click on the "Forgot Password" link below the Login Form. The system will first ask your Email Address that is used as your User ID for the site and then it will ask the Secret Question you have entered during registration. Once you answer the question successfully, your new password will be automatically generated and sent it to your email address. You can change your automatically generated password after you logged into the site.

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